Small Changes, Big Results

Convert More Visitors into Customers

You have your online store and you get visitors. Yeah! But you know traffic acquisition is only half of the equation.  As a marketer, your job does not stop here. You need to turn them from interested prospects into paid customers. Your website should be able to move the relationship forward and seal the deal. 

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) provides a significant opportunity for businesses of any size. Conversion rate optimization is a scientific approach that focuses on optimizing websites and enables businesses to convert more visitors into subscribers or customers. It allows you to tweak on-site elements to encourage more purchases, form submissions, and other website objectives. 

 You may be surprised to see how small changes can make a big impact to your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization Solutions

Split Testing

It is also called A/B testing.  Our approach: 

  1. Evaluation website sales funnel
  2. Identify ways to improve site conversions you defined (sign up, purchase, etc. )
  3. Come up with a hypothesis to test
  4. Create a new web page or landing page (Version B)
  5. Test and See the Results
Heat Maps

It is a fast and visual way to understand your online visitor’s browsing behavior.

Ever wondered how to improve your page layout? Heat maps can tell you where exactly your visitors are clicking, scrolling and hovering over the web page. With aggregated information, you will be able to better support your proposal and make design changes.

Focus on your bottom line.