So far, this year has been like no other.  An once in a lifetime pandemic, a surprising stock market, a surging unemployment rate, and…an economic freeze. A crazy 2020!

It’s easy to be frustrated, especially there’s still quite a lot of chaos left to go. 

Fellow marketers, is it too soon to plan for your marketing strategy for the post-pandemic era?  Are you still struggling to stay above the water? And most importantly, how to recoup the lost revenue? 

There have been a lot of articles floating around, talking about marketing trends. For example, top 10 marketing trends, marketer’s must-have-list, etc. Just google it, you will find a bunch. However, based on our experience in dealing with small to medium businesses, here is my personal hot list. 

  1. Website

Sounds like 20 years ago? Yes and no. We are surprised to see so many small businesses don’t even have a decent website or online presence yet. When pandemic suddenly comes, it’s very hard for them to communicate with their existing or new customers to know how they are preparing for the pandemic. Sometimes it’s even impossible to let customers know if they are still open. Those companies which already have a website can easily modify the information with a few clicks and stay ahead of the game. Therefore, if your business does not have a website yet, it’s time to put this into the plan. 

  1. Search and Social Media

They are still dominating the internet market.  Although there are live streams or video to attract eyeballs, when it comes to volume and purchase decision making, people still go to Google or Facebook or Twitter.  So, try to increase your presence on these channels first before you jump into advanced tactics. 

  1. Live Stream

For sure, this is marketer’s buzz word. There are live stream startups everywhere. Anyone can be famous. However, as a business, and as a marketer for a business, how to leverage live stream for your purpose?

In my opinion, live stream is a new type of webinar.  Traditional webinars use a lecturer/students type of communication, which is considered as “boring” by the new generation. If content marketing is important to your business, and you want to get out of the image of “being corporate”, then go live stream. Make sure your stage setting is casual and your customers feel like watching a live show. 🙂

  1. Virtual

This is particularly important to B2B businesses. In pre-pandemic time, B2B businesses rely on offline trade shows, face to face sales meetings, and seminars to generate leads and make sales, for the belief that face to face interactions are more effective. However, now with COVID-19, people are forced to meet online. Conference organizers are forced to adopt virtual meeting technologies. Customers are forced to attend sessions online. Everyone has learned Zoom, even my 6 year old kindergartener!

Apparently, there are many advantages to meeting virtual. Therefore, we predict this trend will continue even if the virus is gone. Be prepared to incorporate this tactic into your marketing plan. 

  1. Local

Marketing used to be local. You advertise in a local newspaper, local radio station. You put your billboard on the local road intersection. And then mass marketing changed everything. Internet marketing even made it worldwide. 

Surprise.  Local marketing is back to fashion. People are looking for local solutions more often than not. By providing location and inventory information, Google shopping ads are getting more and more popular.  Free pick up, same day delivery are the new trendy words. And with COVID-19, people are more likely to support community and neighborhood businesses. If your business serves a specific geographic area, it’s time to build connections with your community. 

So what’s next? Take some time to reflect on your marketing strategies. Take into consideration the new situations and embrace the new future. Which new tools/technologies do you plan to use? I’d love to hear and discuss!