Who can even think of the holidays when the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging? This is a difficult time for both companies and individuals indeed. For business, holidays are critical to the bottom line. Businesses with all strips are relying on a strong 2020 holiday season to make a difference. The email will be an essential and best channel this holiday season for reaching customers directly and driving sales. Low cost, easy to test, and more trustworthy.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you must revamp your email marketing strategy to fulfill your business goals. So how do you gear up the holidays by emails during COVID-19? Here are seven tips we have collected for you.

It is never too early to plan holiday email marketing

Considering the uncertainty around the global crisis, it is imperative to have a thoughtfully created plan and a backup plan to support your strategy, which means you need to plan earlier than previous holidays. Besides sending emails and optimizing your template based on A/B test results all year long, make sure you give yourself plenty of lead time for creating your holiday email content. we recommend starting your email campaigns for at least 8 weeks before the holiday season.

Segmentation – Couldn’t be more important

Segmentation is the foundation of successful email marketing campaigns. In times of crisis, ultra-segmenting your list is a great way to communicate with your customers at a more intimate level. This will help inspire confidence and increase engagement.

Be prepared to send geo-targeted emails

Not surprisingly, many stores will continue with their COVID-19 safety measures during the holiday season. With possible store closures or limited in-person shopping, marketers should prepare for geo-targeted emails to encourage traditional in-store shoppers to shop online during COVID-19. Think of neighbor marketing and nearby strategy in your mind.

An apology email template is a must

Crisis planning is a must this year, so make sure you have an apology email template. A surge in e-commerce and online shopping maybe cause your website crashes from unprecedented traffic and demand, especially for Cyber Monday Sale. Prepare for a plan to face the challenge and a communication email to soothing customer’s anxiety.

Email tone: Empathy is always a good idea

In the quest for generating more sales and higher profitability, keep the empathetic tone alive in your email communications. That’s crucial advice to abide by, during this pandemic situation. Show your customers that you care for them.

For example, Macy’s launched a ‘Thank You’ campaign and showed their thank you offer to drive more sales. Interestingly, this exclusive offer is from Macy’s CEO who conveys the message – the customer is our priority to care about. It’s a perfect email practice to show your brand’s empathy while increasing engagement actions.

Providing consumers with options and convenience

Allow customers to shop how they want and when they want. The flexibility of shopping experience can make customers feel comfortable and sense of safety. With your email, be sure to capitalize on this opportunity by allowing subscribers to find their best way to purchase for a more personalized experience.

Examples include curbside pick-up, buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS), and free shipping. There is a good case of Polo Ralph Lauren. This brand provides a digital holiday catalog and multiple ways to shop during holidays for customers. Not only give customers a price discount but also communicate kindly with them how to purchase easily and safely.

Think outside of the sales email

The purpose of your email campaign strategy is to drive sales. But that doesn’t mean every email has to be a sales pitch. Incorporate non-sales content into your overall email marketing campaign to help build your customer relationship.

For example, content like card gift, corporate society responsibility program such as Polo Ralph Lauren’s 20-years fight for cancer, and holiday greetings can also optimize the conversion rate during this holiday season. Customers are positive to take action on supporting each other in a post-covid19 period.

While the world is reeling from the impact of Covid-19’s impact, we need to remember that life must go on. Be healthy and positive for the upcoming holiday seasons. Revise your email marketing strategy and continue giving your customers warm and useful content.

Good luck!

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