Start Using Responsive Search Ad for Your Google Ads

What is a Responsive Search Ad Responsive Search Ads allows you to create an ad that shows more relevant messages to your customers. A responsive search ad will allow you to input multiple headlines and descriptions. Then, Google Ads will routinely test different combinations and see which ad works best. This new fantastic tool will […]

Martecana is Part of the ECI Awards!

Over 1000 CEOs of innovative enterprises, over 2000 high-level experts in the fields of marketing, technology, and investment as well as more than 200 listed internet companies have participated in various ECI Awards events. Currently, ECI Awards is working closely with more than 10,000 business innovation projects and more than 300 innovation industrial parks. Over […]

How to Plan a Live Streaming

If you ask Chinese marketers what the most popular marketing tool is,  the #1 answer you will probably hear is live streaming. With hundreds of millions of online viewers, live streaming has become the most important tool for online marketing or selling.  Compared with traditional marketing tools, live streaming has a few advantages. First, it […]

You Can Be Differentiated. Even from an Unsubscribe Link.

Recently I started to receive emails from someone called Christopher S. Penn.  He sends me emails about all sorts of things. To be honest, I can’t even remember if I have accidentally subscribed to his emails.  I was about to unsubscribe until I saw this.  A big fat GIF unsubscribe link right in the middle […]