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Google for Nonprofits is a partnership program designed by Google. It provides free tools to nonprofit organizations that allow them to communicate, fundraise, and connect with donors quickly and efficiently.

Currently, there are four products available for nonprofit organizations. 

  • G Suite for Nonprofits
  • Google Ad Grants
  • Youtube Nonprofit Program
  • Google Earth and Map


Take Full Advantage of The Benefits

Any nonprofit organization in the United States can apply for Ad grant up to $10,000 a month for Google Ads advertising. With experience in helping nonprofits, we can help you with: 

  • Google for nonprofits eligibility application
  • Manage your relationship with Google
  • Set up  and manage your Google Ads account
  • Provide monthly reports to show ad performance

With reduced service rates, we are proud to have supported nonprofits in the United States.  If you represent a nonprofit organization, please contact us to discuss whether or not you qualify to receive a $10,000/month AdWords Grant from Google.

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